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Prof Robin Joubert


Prof Robin Joubert






Research Interest

 Qualitative methodology, tertiary education, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, indigenous knowledge


Honorary Associate Professor


Qualifications: National Diploma in OT (Pretoria); BA (UNISA, majors in Psychology and English);MOT (UDW);D.Ed (UKZN)/ 
NDT Certificate Adult Neuro (Hemiplegia)
Professional Association: 1983 to1991: Vice President and President OTASA (SAAOT)
Appointed as Honorary Fellow of OTASA 1991
1987 Nominated to present the Vona du Toit Memorial Lecture
Professional path:
-1971- 1975 Appointed as OT and then Senior OT at NPA Health Services worked at Addington, King Edward, Wentworth and Clairwood Hospitals to start services during this time.
-1976- June 1981 Appointed as lecturer and later senior lecturer to assist with commencing OT training at University of the Free State
-July 1981 Appointed as HoD to commence training of OTs at University of Durban-Westville and head Natal Provincial OT Services
Remained HoD through to 1999 
-1999 to 2002 Vice Dean Faculty of Health Sciences (Education and Training portfolio)
-2006 -2013     Member of the Executive Committee Faculty Research and    Higher Degrees Committee (REHDC) UKZN School of Health Sciences
-During this period member of Faculty Board of Health Sciences and periodically member of Senate  at both UDW and UKZN.
2007  Promoted to Associate Professor
2007 Distinguished Teacher award UKZN
2008 Merit Award UKZN
2008 to 2011 Head of School  of Audiology, OT and Speech Language Pathology
2012-Dec 2013: Reappointed as Academic Leader OT

2014 Retired and appointed as Honorary Associate Professor at UKZN Health Sciences

Publications: Currently author and co-author to 24 journal and book publications in National and International accredited journals/books.

Conferences etc.: Presented at over 85 local and overseas/international conferences
External examiner and HPCSA Inspector of undergraduate final year training at Univerities of Cape Town, Free State, Wits, Pretoria, Medunsa,  Stellenbosch and Western Cape.
Under graduate (Hons Level) supervisor and examiner of over 20 mini research dissertations.

Post graduate supervisor and examiner
Successfully supervised 12 Masters and 1 Phd student
Currently supervising/co-supervising 7 Phds and 1 Masters
External examiner for 5 Phd’s (UCTx2 , UFS, UWC, and US)and 19 Masters dissertations ( OT, Public Health, Physiotherapy, Audiology, Chiropractic and Education)
Periodic reviewer for NRF funding applications, Health Systems Trust and various journals 
Currently Lay minister and ex-warden St Thomas’ Anglican Church-Berea, Durban
Interests: painting, sculpting, music, writing, gardening, horse riding, ecology and outdoors.

Researchgate Profile

 List of Publications

1. Joubert RWE - The Role of the Occupational Therapist in Treatment of the Neurological Patient in the Intensive Care Unit. South African Journal of Occupational Therapy (SAJOT), Vol.6 No.2, November 1976
2. Joubert RWE - Preventing Sensory Deprivation in Long-term Hospitalised Patients, SAJOT, Vol.11 No.2, January 1982
3. Joubert RWE - A Guide to Sexual Counselling of Disabled Persons for Allied Health Professions, SAJOT, Vol.15 No.1, May 1985
4. Joubert RWE - Moving Towards 2000 - Editorial Comment, SAJOT Vol.18 No.1, May 1988
5. Joubert RWE - Where from? What now? Where to? SAJOT, Vol.27 No.1, May (1997)
6. Joubert RWE – Assessing Clinical Competence in Final Year Occupational Therapy Students: are we coming of age or being born again?  SAJOT Volume 33 (3) November 2003                                                                                                                        

7. Joubert RWE Evidence Based Practice: Does it Work for the South African Context? SAJOT.Volume 35(2) September 2005 .

8. Joubert RWE, Motala,N. Mottay,N. & Christopher,C. Occupational Therapy and its potentially positive influence upon the CD4 count of individuals with HIV & AIDS: A single case study. SAJOT.Volume 38 (2) July 2008, ( p 14-17)

9. Joubert RWE. Are we victims of our history. Editorial Comment. SAJOT.Volume 39(1) May 2009. (P1)

10. Joubert RWE & Hargeaves,A. (2009) "Reflective Journals in Service Learning: A window to assessing learning and change in student's attitudes"
a. TD: The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa, Vol 5, Issue 2 Dec 2009.
11. Joubert RWE (2010) “Exploring the History of Occupational Therapy’s Development in South Africa to reveal the Flaws of our Knowledge Base”. SAJOT December 2010 Volume 41:3 (pages)

12. Naidoo,P. Motala,N & Joubert,R.(2013) Matriculation Scores as an Indicator of Academic Success in an Occupational Therapy Education Programme. SAJOT Volume 43(1) April 2013(21-24)

13. Naidoo,D. van Wyk,J & JoubertR (2014) Are final year occupational therapy students adequately prepared for clinical practice? A case study in KwaZulu Natal.  SAJOT, Volume 44(3)24-28 ISSN 0038-2337 (Erratum)

14. McIntyre J, Joubert,R &Ramklass, S (2014)   "Functional limitations and coping mechanisms of women over the age of 60 with self-reported hand osteoarthritis". South African Family Practice December 2014; 56(6):314– 319


1. Lazarus J, Joubert RWE , Meseveny P, Lawrence G, Ngobeni F & September V - The South African Community Partnerships: Towards a Model for Interdisciplinary Health Care, Journal of Interprofessional  Care, Volume 12 No.3 . (1998)

2. Lorenzo, Theresa and Joubert, Robin ( 2011) “Reciprocal capacity building for collaborative disability research between disabled people's organizations, communities and higher education institutions” Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy

3. Naidoo,P & Joubert R.(2013) “Consensus on Hypotonia via the Delphi Process” Indian Journal of Paediatrics. Online May 2013 DOI 10-1007/s12098-013-10187-7 

4. Naidoo, P & Joubert, RWE. (2014) ‘PO-0966 ‘Clinical Assessment Of Hypotonia: Using Design Research Towards Consensus’ doi: 10.1136/archdischild-2014-307384.1585 Arch Dis Child 2014 99: A566

Chapters in books /Books

1. Van der Reyden D & Joubert RWE  (Co-Author)Chapter 4. Chapter 4.HIV/AIDS in Psychiatry: Moral and Ethical dilemmas and issues facing occupational therapists treating person’s with HIV/AIDS in Crouch R and Alers V (Editors) Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health (2005) (4th Edition) 

2. Duncan M and Joubert R (2006) Chapter 14. Promoting Competence through Assessment, n Lorenzo T, Duncan M, Buchanan H, Alsop A (Editors) Practice and service learning: enhancing potential in occupational therapy. London. John Wiley and Sons. 

3. Robin Joubert, Roshan Galvaan, Theresa Lorenzo and Elelwani Ramugondo (2006) Chapter 3  Reflecting on contexts of service learning in Lorenzo T, Duncan M, Buchanan H, Alsop A (Editors) Practice and service learning: enhancing potential in occupational therapy. London. John Wiley and Sons. 

4. Galvaan R, Mdlokolo P and Joubert R (2009) Privileging participation: an occupational perspective on working with individuals, groups and communities. In Curtin , Mollineux, Supyk,Turner and Foster  (Editors)  Occupational Therapy and Physical Dysfunction: enabling occupation. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh.

5. Van der Reyden, Dain. Joubert,Robin. Christopher, Chantal.(2014)HIV/AIDS in Psychiatry and Issues Facing Occupational Therapists Regarding Practice:Moral and Ethical Dilemmas. In Crouch,Rosemary & Alers, Vivyan. Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health.5th Edition.85-105. WILEY,Blackwell,UK.

6. Van der Reyden D & Joubert R (Editors) (5th Edition)(2015) Vona du Toit.Patient volition and action in occupational therapyTheoretical Foundations for the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability. Publishers: Vona & Marie du Toit Foundation, Dept Occupational Therapy, UP, Pretoria.

• Masters Thesis: RWE Joubert (1997)An evaluation of the criteria and procedures used for selection of occupational therapy students at South African Universities. Dissertation available from Westville campus library UKZN.

• Doctoral Thesis: RWE Joubert (2007) Indigenous fruits from exotic roots? Revisiting the South African occupational therapy curriculum. Thesis available in Edgewood campus library, UKZN.

 Forewords in books:
• In Crouch R  (1992) - Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health. LifeCare Group, Johannesburg
• In Mountford S (1992) - Orientation to Occupational Therapy: a Fundamental Approach to Principles and Practicalities. College Tutorial Press, Cape Town.


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