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Research Interests

Early childhood, augmentative and alternative communication,



Academic leader


Kitty Uys is an occupational therapist and after 12 years of lecturing at the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Pretoria, she has made a lateral move to the Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (CAAC). From a medical focus to disability, her interest grew to social focus on disability with a conviction for holistic interventions.

Initially, Kitty was working mainly in a multi-professional model with young children with disabilities, but realised that the gaps in this model does not contribute to sustainable intervention for families in South Africa.  Therefore, she changed to trans-disciplinary post-graduate training at the CAAC. Families are pivotal in sustainable intervention and in a country where the top-down medical approach is still prevalent, and empowerment of families to participate equally in the healthcare process became one of her research areas. 

Other research areas include development and validation of measurement tools to provide valid outcomes. Outcome-based research feeds into determining effectiveness of interventions, an area still open for new developments. ResearchGate Profile 

 List of Publications

 Publications in peer-reviewed or refereed journals

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Books and/or chapters in books

  1. Uys, C.J.E., & Samuels, A. (2010). Early childhood intervention in South Africa: Minimizing the impact of disabilities. In R. Crouch and V. Ahlers (Eds.), Occupational therapy: An African perspective (Chapter 13).
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